ITL Health: The Next Generation of Magnesium


Meaghan Esser, RHN
Managing Director at ITL Health

APRIL 22, 2022
1:15 PM – 2:00 PM PT
ROOM 202


Are your supplements working? This question drove ITL Health to create 100% pure, award-winning magnesium-based supplements formulated for optimal absorption.  

ITL Health’s research-driven formulas are made with cofactors that work synergistically to ensure you get the most out of each dose. These include their MAG365 Bone Formula- the first of its kind without calcium (an overdue departure from our calcium-saturated market), and their ground-breaking Vitamin D Plus, created in response to recent research that found that vitamin D remains inactive in the body without other critical nutrients to activate it. 

Discover why ITL Health is a best-selling brand in Europe. 


After 9 years in her own successful nutritional consulting practice, Meaghan decided to lend her business and nutrition expertise to her family’s growing supplement business in 2019. Meaghan’s entrepreneurial mind combined with her love for research and educating others about nutrition made her a perfect fit for her role at ITL Health. Meaghan is a seasoned traveler who originally hails from southwest Ontario, and is the proud mom of three boys who love their MAG365.