Natural Trendsetting, an Expert Panel Discussion


Katharine Herringer
Co-founder of Maple

APRIL 22, 2022
2:15 PM – 3:00 PM PT
ROOM 204


Katharine Herringer will be leading 3 female panelists (a successful entrepreneur, a creative director and a retail buyer) with a discussion around trends, authenticity and how to capture the imagination, and excite consumers in a meaningful way. In an era of ‘too much stuff’, market challenges and climate crisis, we’ll discuss how we can lead from the heart, in creating a conversation in the natural products space.

Are you looking for advice on upcoming trends? Considering a rebrand? A retailer looking for the latest newness? Join us! There will be time for Q&A with all of the experts.


Katharine Herringer is the co-founder of Maple, an authority on all things organic living. Katharine is at the helm of Maple magazine, the print publication, as well as their signature quarterly subscription box, The Maple Box, with thousands of subscribers across Canada and the US. The Maple brand is a curated and experiential conversation that inspires consumers to explore and discover organic living, in the True North. @welcometomaple