Exhibitor List

Company Name (Published)Booth #
7 Fathoms Skin Care916
7 Summits Snacks932
A. Lassonde Inc.1021
Advantage Solutions1320
Agency Brand Management1839 - 1855, 1752 - 1755
Agency Brand Management49th Parallel Coffee Roasters1842
Agency Brand ManagementBeeKind1843
Agency Brand ManagementBev Lo-No1852
Agency Brand ManagementBlue Heron1850
Agency Brand ManagementCha's Organics1855, 1853
Agency Brand ManagementChimes1849
Agency Brand ManagementEarth's Own & Happy Planet1753, 1749
Agency Brand ManagementFour O'Clock1851
Agency Brand ManagementHarmless Harvest1854
Agency Brand ManagementLoop Mission1839
Agency Brand ManagementLucky Foods1848
Agency Brand ManagementMaison Orphee1754
Agency Brand ManagementMate Libre1844
Agency Brand ManagementOatbox1845
Agency Brand ManagementSapadilla & Genuine Tea1752
Agency Brand ManagementSave Da Sea1841
Agency Brand ManagementUpfront Cosmetics1846
Agency Brand ManagementWildbrine1840
Alive Publishing Group Inc.1315
Aroma Crystal Therapy Ltd934
Associated Labels and Packaging1332
Atlas Brand Management940, 942, 944, 946, 948, 950, 952, 954
Atlas Brand ManagementFlavour Factory948
Atlas Brand ManagementGia Brands 944
Atlas Brand ManagementGood Planet Foods 954
Atlas Brand ManagementJayland Naturals952
Atlas Brand ManagementNobo Choc 946
Atlas Brand ManagementNora Snacks 942
Atlas Brand ManagementOPUS940
Atlas Brand ManagementPure Food by Estee950
Atlas Brand ManagementSahah Naturals 950
Atlas Brand ManagementThree Foragers944
Atlas Brand ManagementTofino Kombucha 942
Atlas Brand ManagementWOW Baking 946
Avacare Health North America Inc1115
Bcc Foods606
Big Venture Sales Ltd.445
Bio-K Plus International Inc.609
Blue Monkey Tropical Collection1220
Blume Natural Sales and Marketing1721, 1723, 1725, 1727, 1729, 1731, 1733, 1735
Blume Natural Sales and MarketingAbokichi 1723
Blume Natural Sales and MarketingAmoda 1729
Blume Natural Sales and MarketingChiwis 1735
Blume Natural Sales and MarketingDwarf Stars 1723
Blume Natural Sales and MarketingFauxmagerie Zengarry1733
Blume Natural Sales and MarketingGabriel Cosmetics 1727
Blume Natural Sales and MarketingGood Good Natural Sweetness1725
Blume Natural Sales and MarketingJustos 1731
Blume Natural Sales and MarketingZazubean Organic Chocolate 1721
Blume Supply Inc.1409K
BM2 Brand Management1519
BNQ Management1338, 1340, 1342, 1344 – 1355
BNQ ManagementAbove Foods1349
BNQ ManagementActually Foods1350
BNQ ManagementCulcherd1347
BNQ ManagementDOSE JUICE1352
BNQ ManagementEvive1340
BNQ ManagementGoodly1351
BNQ ManagementHoly Crap1342
BNQ ManagementHoly Napoli1348
BNQ ManagementLevel Ground1354
BNQ ManagementHumble Snacks1338
BNQ ManagementMateina1346
BNQ ManagementRumble1344
BNQ ManagementScout Canning1353
BNQ ManagementWake Water1345
Boiron Canada Inc.1420
Boosh Food1603
Boosh FoodBeanfields Snacks1603
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.838 - 853
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Bakery on Main850
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Beanitos851
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Buff841
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Chickapea838
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Kindred Cultures850
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Mazzetti 848
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Modena Fine Foods848
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.NONA Vegan840
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Oat & Mill845
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Outer Aisle 844
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Sable & Rosenfeld846
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Sheese/Bute Island Foods Ltd.842
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Spinster Sisters852
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Tender & True853
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.The GFB841
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.The Good Bean851
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.Theobroma Chocolat839
BrandSeed Marketing Inc.YumEarth843
CAC Natural Foods Inc.539
Canada Organic Trade Association1805
Canadian Artisan Foods1139, 1141, 1143,1145
Canadian Choice Wholesalers LP544-555
Canadian Health Food Association326
CanPrev Natural Health Products1515
Carrot Bacon1121
Chinova Bioworks538
Clef des Champs1034
Colnuck Ltd.1226
Comensoli Foods Inc.444
Connect Brand Management1433, 1532, 1539-1553
Connect Brand ManagementBetter Bears1532
Connect Brand ManagementBone Brewhouse1433
Connect Brand ManagementCamino1543
Connect Brand ManagementClever Mocktails1546
Connect Brand ManagementDolce Vita1541
Connect Brand ManagementDoseology1547
Connect Brand ManagementECO by Naty1550
Connect Brand ManagementEqual Exchange1543
Connect Brand ManagementFody Foods1540
Connect Brand ManagementGoli1433
Connect Brand ManagementKind Laundry1553
Connect Brand ManagementLoon Kombucha1532
Connect Brand ManagementNanashake1549
Connect Brand ManagementOggi Foods1539
Connect Brand ManagementPOPTime1552
Connect Brand ManagementPure-le Canada1551
Connect Brand ManagementSnack Conscious1544
Connect Brand ManagementSober Carpenter1546
Connect Brand ManagementStoked Oats1548
Connect Brand ManagementThe Cultured Coconut1542
Connect Brand ManagementVegan Touch1545
Consulate General of Brazil in Vancouver1442, 1443, 1444, 1445
Cornerstone Sales Ltd.438 - 443
Cornerstone Sales Ltd.FreeYumm Foods Ltd.440
Cornerstone Sales Ltd.Granola Girl Inc.442
Cornerstone Sales Ltd.Komo Plant Based Comfort Foods Inc.438
Cornerstone Sales Ltd.Lotus Foods LLC.441
Cornerstone Sales Ltd.Squamish Water Kefir Co.439
Cornerstone Sales Ltd.Tadka Foods & The Indian Pantry Catering Ltd443
CSN Pharma1241
Cyba Stevens Management Group / SLT Foods Inc. (Khazana)1132
D.F. BioResource415
Danone1140, 1142
Debut Products1621
DeeBee's Organics1526
Distripharm Inc.1234
Dosa Trading Ltd1333
Ecocert Canada941
Ecoideas Innovation Inc.1101
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Bazzzics Natural Sleep-Aids1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Better You1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Chorus SuperNaturals1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.CraveStevia Sweet & Natural1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Dom's Naturals1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Dr. Kings by King Bio1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.EatGood FeelGood AuraLuv Superfood1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Enzymedica1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Epoch1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Epsom Gel Solutions1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Health Direct1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Herbs of Kedem1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Here We Flo1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Hyalogic 1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.ImmunoCare1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Leaf Source1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Lyness1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Motherlove1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Natren1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Nordic Naturals1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Novotrend1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Profi Complete Plant-Based Protein1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Provita Advanced Therapeutic Solutoins1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Sierra Mountain Minerals1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.South of France Soaps1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.StayWyld Organics1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.SunForce Health & Organics Inc.1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Tanit1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Teonan1309
EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd.Virum 03 Omega Smoothies1309
Eden Foods Inc1717
Edna's Non Alcoholic Cocktail Company409
Envirowise Products939
ePac Canada Holdings1815
ER Translations1327
Essiac from Canada International1214
Eversio Wellness1432
Farmery Estate Brewing Company1335
Fernie Alpine Springs2046
Fillab Inc.1229
Flora Manufacturing & Distributing Ltd.1109
Freelance Marketing1026, 1028, 1030 - 1033
Freelance MarketingBLK Water / Banu Water1031
Freelance MarketingFarming Karma 1033
Freelance MarketingIndulgent Foods1028
Freelance MarketingSan Remo Importers1032
Freelance MarketingTeja World Foods1030
GAB Innovations Inc.1608
Game Changer Foods, Inc413
Garden of Life1209
Genestra Brands1308
Glenmore Custom Print + Packaging1813, 1811
Glenwood Labels416
Grainworks Inc.1803
Great Little Box Company814
Grocery Business1716
GroundUp eco-ventures1409E
Guru Beverage Inc.1714
Hank's Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef407
Happy Tree Organics411
Healthy Body Services Inc.1228
Heart Smart Foods1227
Henry's Tempeh Inc1148
Herbaland Naturals Inc.915
Hive Naturals1127, 929, 1930
Hive NaturalsBucha Brew1127
Hive NaturalsKove Ocean Foods1127
Hive NaturalsModern Foods1127
Hive NaturalsMoonshine Mamas1127
Hive NaturalsNatreve1127
Hive NaturalsNutMeg Mylk1127
Hive NaturalsTealish1127
Hive NaturalsYoggu!1127
Horizon Grocery + Wellness1902 - 1955
Horizon Grocery + WellnessArtisan West 1920
Horizon Grocery + WellnessBig Mountain Foods 1933
Horizon Grocery + WellnessChildlife Nutrition/Anderson's Health Solutions1921
Horizon Grocery + WellnessCurelle1948
Horizon Grocery + WellnessEat Wholesome1925
Horizon Grocery + WellnessGrynd/Reboost/G2G Bar1924
Horizon Grocery + WellnessHabibi's Mediterranean1922
Horizon Grocery + WellnessHavn Life1942
Horizon Grocery + WellnessHornby Organic1934
Horizon Grocery + WellnessIndianLife1935
Horizon Grocery + WellnessKirk's Kefir1926
Horizon Grocery + WellnessLita's Mexican Foods1931
Horizon Grocery + WellnessMaple Organics1951
Horizon Grocery + WellnessMother Raw1923
Horizon Grocery + WellnessOneka Elements1938
Horizon Grocery + WellnessPascoe Canada1940
Horizon Grocery + WellnessPhillip Adam1941
Horizon Grocery + WellnessPurana (Votana Health Sciences)1939
Horizon Grocery + WellnessRaw Elements Suncare1947
Horizon Grocery + WellnessSewanti/Padmashri Naturals Inc.1949
Horizon Grocery + WellnessSnack 211946
Horizon Grocery + WellnessSoul Bite1932
Horizon Grocery + WellnessThe Functional Beverage Group - Healthy Hooch, Thrive Remedies1928
Horizon Grocery + WellnessUtiva1944
Howell Data Systems1816
HP Juniper542
iLevel Management Inc.1820 - 1835
iLevel Management Inc.BSA1827
iLevel Management Inc.Caulipower1831, 1829
iLevel Management Inc.Dr. Hauschka1834
iLevel Management Inc.Jyoti Natural Foods1828
iLevel Management Inc.La Preferida1825
iLevel Management Inc.Lakanto1835
iLevel Management Inc.Marphyl1824
iLevel Management Inc.Natura Solutions1820
iLevel Management Inc.Patch1822
iLevel Management Inc.Radius1821
iLevel Management Inc.Sunbutter1830
iLevel Management Inc.True Buch Kombucha1833
iLevel Management Inc.Wise Bites1832
Indigo Natural Products Management2002 - 2017, 2020 - 2035, 2038 - 2045
Indigo Natural Products ManagementAiya Matcha2032
Indigo Natural Products ManagementAmplify Snack Brands (BarkThins, Oatmega, Paqui, Pirate's Booty, SkinnyPop)2006
Indigo Natural Products ManagementAmy's Kitchen 2043
Indigo Natural Products ManagementAura Cacia2028
Indigo Natural Products ManagementBob's Red Mill2015, 2017
Indigo Natural Products ManagementBremner's2009
Indigo Natural Products ManagementCalifia Farms2034
Indigo Natural Products ManagementCasbah2044
Indigo Natural Products ManagementDr. Bronner's2025
Indigo Natural Products ManagementFrontier Natural Co-Op2026
Indigo Natural Products ManagementGimMe Health2011
Indigo Natural Products ManagementGoBio2013
Indigo Natural Products ManagementGoMacro2030
Indigo Natural Products ManagementHardbite2020
Indigo Natural Products ManagementKashi2042
Indigo Natural Products ManagementKoukla Delights2005
Indigo Natural Products ManagementSchar’s Gluten Free2016
Indigo Natural Products ManagementNuun2033
Indigo Natural Products ManagementPacific Foods2024
Indigo Natural Products ManagementPatience Fruit & Co.2038
Indigo Natural Products ManagementPrana2002, 2004
Indigo Natural Products ManagementRighteous Gelato2021-2023
Indigo Natural Products ManagementRockwell Specialty Oils2007
Indigo Natural Products ManagementRviita2010
Indigo Natural Products ManagementRXBAR2040
Indigo Natural Products ManagementSalt Spring Coffee2003
Indigo Natural Products ManagementSiete2041
Indigo Natural Products ManagementSmartyPants Vitamins2008
Indigo Natural Products ManagementSol Cuisine2035
Indigo Natural Products ManagementSperri2014
Indigo Natural Products ManagementTaste Of Nature2012
Indigo Natural Products ManagementTemple Brands2045
Indigo Natural Products ManagementVan Rice (Plum·M·Good)2022
Indigo Natural Products ManagementWalter2039
Innotech Nutrition1321
Jamieson Wellness801
Jiva Organics Mfg. & Dist. Inc.1027
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.520 - 535
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.a2 Milk Company521
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Acropolis Organics527
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.BFree527
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Brew Dr.520
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Carb Smart Express528
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Corbicula522
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Farm & Forest Coffee Roasters527
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Fromagerie L'Ancetre530
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Havn Life535
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Impossible Foods526
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Joseph's Nutless Clusters525
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Koa Natural Foods531
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Live Kombucha533
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Motherlove Kombucha532
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Organic Meadow520
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Rolling Meadow522
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Scout Canning522
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Viveau523
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Workshop Vegetarian524
Jonluca Enterprises Inc.Yoso534
Joy of the Mountains1613
Jusu Wellness1330
KidStar Nutrients/Simply Seeds Butter809
Koops' Mustard1440
Kula's Kitchen1409F
Laboratoires M.S.P. inc1231
Laid Back Snacks1128
LaVigne Natural Skincare1235
LeBeau Excel Ltd.815, 820 - 822, 824, 826-835
LeBeau Excel Ltd.Anita's Organic Mill815
LeBeau Excel Ltd.Beyond Meat 824
LeBeau Excel Ltd.ChocXO834
LeBeau Excel Ltd.Earth Science831
LeBeau Excel Ltd.EO Products - Everyone829
LeBeau Excel Ltd.Felicetti828
LeBeau Excel Ltd.ITL Health830
LeBeau Excel Ltd.Justin's831
LeBeau Excel Ltd.KefirKult826
LeBeau Excel Ltd.LeGrand835
LeBeau Excel Ltd.Nature's Path815
LeBeau Excel Ltd.Nuts For Cheese826
LeBeau Excel Ltd.Planting Hope Brands833
LeBeau Excel Ltd.Prairie Naturals Health Products Inc.821
LeBeau Excel Ltd.SCj Lifestyle Brands832
LeBeau Excel Ltd.St. Francis Herb Farm827
LeBeau Excel Ltd.Suku Vitamins820
Left Coast Naturals1702 - 1713
Left Coast NaturalsCullen's Foods1712
Left Coast NaturalsHippie Snacks1703
Left Coast NaturalsJoolies1711
Left Coast NaturalsLemon Perfect1708
Left Coast NaturalsLibra1704
Left Coast NaturalsNeal Brothers Foods Inc.1702
Left Coast NaturalsPlant Snacks1706
Left Coast NaturalsRhythm Superfoods1712
Left Coast NaturalsRise Brewing Company1706
Left Coast NaturalsTia Lupita1710
Left Coast NaturalsYumEarth1711
LFT Group Brands Ltd926
Lulubelle & Co1743
M.N.R Distributors Inc.1601
M2 Brand Management, Inc.420 - 435
M2 Brand Management, Inc.AquaOmega/Vivo Brands422
M2 Brand Management, Inc.Attitude434
M2 Brand Management, Inc.Bulletproof431
M2 Brand Management, Inc.Divine Essence (Union-Nature)434
M2 Brand Management, Inc.Earth's Care425
M2 Brand Management, Inc.Kiss My Face428
M2 Brand Management, Inc.Land Art433
M2 Brand Management, Inc.Maroma425
M2 Brand Management, Inc.Organyc427
M2 Brand Management, Inc.SURO421
M2 Brand Management, Inc.The Humble Co.430
M2 Brand Management, Inc.The Unscented Co.429
M2 Brand Management, Inc.Wedderspoon432
M2 Brand Management, Inc.Weleda424
Made with Local1130
Mangata Apothecary1409C
Marsham Natural Products Broker300 - 313, 315 - 317, 320 - 323, 325, 327, 329, 331, 333, 335, 339 - 355
Marsham Natural Products BrokerAlpha Foods335
Marsham Natural Products BrokerAlter Eco311
Marsham Natural Products BrokerBeekeepers Naturals347
Marsham Natural Products BrokerBeyond Better Foods344
Marsham Natural Products BrokerBlue Diamond Growers331
Marsham Natural Products BrokerBluebird Provisions305
Marsham Natural Products BrokerBolton Naturals340
Marsham Natural Products BrokerBragg310
Marsham Natural Products BrokerCR*FT350
Marsham Natural Products BrokerCalifornia Olive Ranch352
Marsham Natural Products BrokerCampbell Snacks321, 323
Marsham Natural Products BrokerCarbonaut304, 306, 308
Marsham Natural Products BrokerChosen Foods320
Marsham Natural Products BrokerClif Bar & Company300
Marsham Natural Products BrokerCrofter's341
Marsham Natural Products BrokerDr. Praeger's301
Marsham Natural Products BrokerEdward and Sons329
Marsham Natural Products BrokerEndangered Species305
Marsham Natural Products BrokerEnjoy Life Foods325
Marsham Natural Products BrokerF.E.T.E.351
Marsham Natural Products BrokerFarmer's Market315
Marsham Natural Products BrokerHealth- Ade353
Marsham Natural Products BrokerJustea303
Marsham Natural Products BrokerKeto Caveman342
Marsham Natural Products BrokerKettle321, 323
Marsham Natural Products BrokerKrave Jerky 351
Marsham Natural Products BrokerLakewood Organic302
Marsham Natural Products BrokerLate July321, 323
Marsham Natural Products BrokerLily's Sweets349
Marsham Natural Products BrokerLittle Northern Bakehouse304, 306, 308
Marsham Natural Products BrokerManitoba Harvest320
Marsham Natural Products BrokerMaple 3355
Marsham Natural Products BrokerNatural Calm340
Marsham Natural Products BrokerNoble Jerky345
Marsham Natural Products BrokerOm Mushroom316
Marsham Natural Products BrokerOnce Upon a Farm333
Marsham Natural Products BrokerOne Degree Organics304, 306, 308
Marsham Natural Products BrokerPerfect Bar302
Marsham Natural Products BrokerPulp and Press346
Marsham Natural Products BrokerPurplesful354
Marsham Natural Products BrokerRaincoast Trading313
Marsham Natural Products BrokerRiceworks353
Marsham Natural Products BrokerSan J303
Marsham Natural Products BrokerSilver Hills Bakery304, 306, 308
Marsham Natural Products BrokerSnack Factory321, 323
Marsham Natural Products BrokerSnyder's of Hanover321, 323
Marsham Natural Products BrokerSonoma Creamery343
Marsham Natural Products BrokerStahlbush Farms315
Marsham Natural Products Brokerthat's it346
Marsham Natural Products BrokerThe Good Crisp309
Marsham Natural Products BrokerVital Proteins317
Marsham Natural Products BrokerWholesome307
Marsham Natural Products BrokerYogi Tea348
Marsham Natural Products BrokerYumi Organics339
Mindful FÜD1409A
MT Consulting1232, 1329, 1426
MT ConsultingOjas Vegan1232
MT ConsultingOrigo Foods1329
MT ConsultingOrganic Ruby1426
Murray Market National406, 408, 410, 412
Nanton Nutraceuticals Inc1434
Nashe Beauty1409I
Natural Farmworks1331
Natural/Specialty Sales500 - 517
Acosta Canada Corp/Natural/Specialty SalesBLK Water505
Acosta Canada Corp/Natural/Specialty SalesBalzac's Coffee Ltd511
Acosta Canada Corp/Natural/Specialty SalesDaiya Foods501, 503
Acosta Canada Corp/Natural/Specialty SalesKarma Bites515
Acosta Canada Corp/Natural/Specialty SalesLa Presserie517
Acosta Canada Corp/Natural/Specialty SalesNaked Naturals513
Acosta Canada Corp/Natural/Specialty SalesRise Kombucha500
Acosta Canada Corp/Natural/Specialty SalesTeeccino502
Acosta Canada Corp/Natural/Specialty SalesThayers Natural Remedies508
Acosta Canada Corp/Natural/Specialty SalesThe Naked Collective509
Acosta Canada Corp/Natural/Specialty SalesVita Coco516
Acosta Canada Corp/Natural/Specialty SalesWatkins510
Neumann Marking Solutions927
New Chapter Canada1009
New Roots Herbal Inc.921
North Coast Naturals1615
NuStart Marketing Ltd.1638 -1652
NuStart Marketing Ltd.Century Pacific Foods1638
NuStart Marketing Ltd.Eat Wholesome1643
NuStart Marketing Ltd.Happy Veggie World1648
NuStart Marketing Ltd.Humble Seedz1641
NuStart Marketing Ltd.If You Care1649
NuStart Marketing Ltd.La Tortilla Factory1639
NuStart Marketing Ltd.Little Creek Dressings1644
NuStart Marketing Ltd.Manitoba Milling Co.1650
NuStart Marketing Ltd.Miyoko's1642
NuStart Marketing Ltd.Panos Brands1646
NuStart Marketing Ltd.Red Duck Foods1647
NuStart Marketing Ltd.Taste Republic1640
NuStart Marketing Ltd.YUMBUTTER1640
NuStart Marketing Ltd.Zorbas Bakery & Foods1645
Nutra Strategic Solutions1243
Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals1252
Orion Sales & Marketing1326, 1328
Orionis Trading Company Limited1446-1455
Orionis Trading Company LimitedAll Nature Pets1449
Orionis Trading Company LimitedMicrocynAH1447
Orionis Trading Company LimitedOld Growth Beverages1453
Orionis Trading Company LimitedPhillips Soda Works1448
Orionis Trading Company LimitedSPARKMOUTH Drinks Co. Ltd.1446
Orionis Trading Company LimitedThree Bean Trading1451
Orionis Trading Company LimitedUncle Lee's Tea1454
Partake Brewing1609
Peak Performance Products601
Peak Performance ProductsBambo Nature601
Peak Performance ProductsBarukas601
Peak Performance ProductsBetter Bears601
Peak Performance ProductsBiosteel601
Peak Performance ProductsFarmberry601
Peak Performance ProductsHimalaya601
Peak Performance ProductsIWON Organics601
Peak Performance ProductsKiss My Keto601
Peak Performance ProductsMatcha Ninja601
Peak Performance ProductsNiyama601
Peak Performance ProductsNutrinugget601
Peak Performance ProductsOlive & Bay601
Peak Performance ProductsPlumpp601
Peak Performance ProductsPopart601
Peak Performance ProductsPure-Le601
Peak Performance ProductsReal Food From The Ground Up601
Peak Performance ProductsSavera Organic Ghee601
Peak Performance ProductsSchinoussa601
Peak Performance ProductsSprout Living601
Peak Performance ProductsTrail Truffles601
Peak Performance ProductsTruff601
Peak Performance ProductsVahdam India601
Peak Performance ProductsYounited Wellness601
PharmaPlanter Technologies Inc1812
Planet Foods1902-1917
Planet FoodsBigelow Tea1907
Planet FoodsCanadian Heritage Roasting Company1903
Planet FoodsCasa Bonita Foods1917
Planet FoodsFrog Friendly Coffee1914
Planet FoodsGalerie au Chocolat1904
Planet FoodsHOLOS1909
Planet FoodsHoney Stinger1911
Planet FoodsJolt Performance Bars1913
Planet FoodsLa Cocina Foods1905
Planet FoodsLuda Foods1907
Planet FoodsNorth Water1906
Planet FoodsOteas1915
Planet FoodsPhoeapolis Organics1902
Planet FoodsPrime1913
Planet FoodsPROBAR1904
Planet FoodsRemix Snacks1914
Plantein Canada600, 602
PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc.1438
Pouch Makers Canada Inc1807
Prime Health1303
Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd.1810
Propel Natural Brands608, 610, 612, 615, 616, 620-655
Propel Natural BrandsAbeego Inc. 612
Propel Natural BrandsAlternative Kitchen645
Propel Natural BrandsBarney Butter631
Propel Natural BrandsCaboo Paper Products616
Propel Natural BrandsCedar Valley Selections633
Propel Natural BrandsCitadelle Coop655
Propel Natural BrandsCovered Bridge Potato Chip Company627
Propel Natural BrandsDream Pops643
Propel Natural BrandsElmhurst610
Propel Natural BrandsEvery Man Jack610
Propel Natural BrandsFlourish Pancakes648
Propel Natural BrandsGeneral Assembly Pizza649
Propel Natural Brandsgldn hour inc.650
Propel Natural BrandsGood Food For Good646
Propel Natural BrandsGreen Beaver615
Propel Natural BrandsHandfuel653
Propel Natural BrandsHealthy Hippo651
Propel Natural BrandsHonibe615
Propel Natural BrandsLenny & Larry's652
Propel Natural BrandsLive Right Snacks629
Propel Natural BrandsLove Good Fats635
Propel Natural BrandsMid-day Squares641
Propel Natural BrandsNutiva639
Propel Natural BrandsSeedWise Snacks624
Propel Natural BrandsPBfit623
Propel Natural BrandsQueen St. Bakery630
Propel Natural BrandsSapsucker622
Propel Natural BrandsSimply Good Foods USA, Inc.644
Propel Natural BrandsSimplyProtein626
Propel Natural BrandsSno Dairy Free628
Propel Natural BrandsSpreadEm Kitchen632
Propel Natural BrandsSugarLike608
Propel Natural BrandsThree Farmers Foods Inc.647
Propel Natural BrandsTMRW Foods625
Propel Natural BrandsUnbun Foods654
Propel Natural BrandsUrban Spa620
Propel Natural BrandsWholly Veggie621
Puresource Natural Products908, 909
Puresource Natural ProductsGroupe Batteur North America908
Purity Life Health Products LP708, 709, 714, 715, 720 - 735, 738 - 753
Purity Life Health Products LPAeryon Wellness720
Purity Life Health Products LPANS Performance731
Purity Life Health Products LPAntipodes Skin Care744
Purity Life Health Products LPBasd Body Care742
Purity Life Health Products LPBuzzd Nutrition723
Purity Life Health Products LPEthical Bean serving coffee748
Purity Life Health Products LPBlis Technologies Limited 745
Purity Life Health Products LPBoody Eco Wear722
Purity Life Health Products LPCountry Prime Meats752
Purity Life Health Products LPEllie Bianca750
Purity Life Health Products LPHeal+Co729
Purity Life Health Products LPHerbal Glo751
Purity Life Health Products LPKalaya Naturals749
Purity Life Health Products LPKite709A
Purity Life Health Products LPKyolic726
Purity Life Health Products LPLeanfit742
Purity Life Health Products LPLily Of the Desert708
Purity Life Health Products LPNature's Plus708
Purity Life Health Products LPNew Nordic724
Purity Life Health Products LPNiaPure744
Purity Life Health Products LPNo Sugar Co753
Purity Life Health Products LPOrganic Traditions714
Purity Life Health Products LPQuantum Health747
Purity Life Health Products LProutine.715
Purity Life Health Products LPSatya725
Purity Life Health Products LPSecond Spring Sprouted Foods721
Purity Life Health Products LPSmartsweets741
Purity Life Health Products LPSproos729
Purity Life Health Products LPSweet Nutrition727
Purity Life Health Products LPThrive Provisions743
Purity Life Health Products LPTints of Nature746
Purity Life Health Products LPWean Green728
Purity Life Health Products LPWyoming Authentic Products709B
Purity Life Health Products LPXoma Superfoods730
Purity Life Health Products LPYves Rocher North America740
Raw Elements1738 - 1741
Raw ElementsAdaptDaily1740
Raw ElementsBiOptimizers1740
Raw ElementsBiOSS1740
Raw ElementsCanadian Pine Pollen1739
Raw ElementsDandy Blend1738
Raw ElementsFour Sigmatic 1738
Raw ElementsHealthForce Superfoods1740
Raw ElementsJEM 1740
Raw ElementsLakanto1738
Raw ElementsLavido 1738
Raw ElementsMiski Organics 1741
Raw ElementsMy Matcha Life1738
Raw ElementsOjas Vegan 1741
Raw ElementsPure Traditions1740
Raw ElementsSunwarrior 1738
Raw ElementsVitauthority1740
Remedy Drinks Canada1120
Renu Bio Health928
Rhema Health Products Limited1742
Riverside Natural Foods Ltd.1221
Rootree Inc.1339
Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods1427
Rosso Coffee Roasters1750
Salud Brand Management1038 - 1049
Salud Brand ManagementCaliente Hot Sauce Company Inc1040
Salud Brand ManagementCloud 9 Gluten Free Foods Inc 1048
Salud Brand ManagementFood For Life 1039
Salud Brand ManagementFullgreen 1044
Salud Brand ManagementGood Vibes Juice /SICK DAY 1044
Salud Brand ManagementHouse Foods 1041
Salud Brand ManagementJTS Foods Corporation /Fit bite1047
Salud Brand ManagementKoyo Foods 1042
Salud Brand ManagementPlant Veda Foods 1038
Salud Brand ManagementRocky Mountain Flatbread1040
Salud Brand ManagementSafe Catch 1043
Salud Brand ManagementSAINT MICHAEL FOODS Ltd / BUCK 1046
Salud Brand ManagementSana Foods1043
Salud Brand ManagementToro Beverages Inc/ ToroMatcha 1045
Salud Brand ManagementYumasoy Foods 1049
Savons Prolav Inc. (BIOVERT)1138
Schalk Mühle GmbH930
Sisu Inc.1419
Sloth Medical INC610
Snack Affair1817
So Health Canada (Nutraceutical Solutions).1126
Star Marketing Canada446 - 455
Summit Labels1611
Sunshine Pickles1802
Tality Kombucha540
TallGrass Natural Health1001
Terry Naturally Canada1430
The Aggressive Good1715
The Bare Home Inc.414
The Lactation Cookie Company543
The PUR Company854
The Very Good Food Company1720
Tony Waters Agencies Inc.400 - 405
Tony Waters Agencies Inc.Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze401
Tony Waters Agencies Inc.Hold the Carbs401
Tony Waters Agencies Inc.Java Trading403
Tony Waters Agencies Inc.R.W. Garcia Co.402
Tony Waters Agencies Inc.Rico N Lalo400
Tony Waters Agencies Inc.SkinnyMe400
Tootsi Impex Inc.1334
Trafa Pharmaceutical INC1240
Tree of Life Canada1201, 1300
Tropical Link Canada Ltd.1134
Tru Earth1035
UNFI Canada1527, 1627
UNFI CanadaDay Dream1627
UNFI CanadaFrankie's Organic Inc1627
UNFI CanadaGlutenull Bakery1627
UNFI CanadaGoodums Food Inc.1627
UNFI CanadaGreenhouse1627
UNFI CanadaGusta Foods1627
UNFI CanadaHalvana North America Inc.1527
UNFI CanadaHappy Pops1627
UNFI CanadaHealthy Berries Ltd1627
UNFI CanadaHoney Bunny Inc.1627
UNFI CanadaJust About Foods1627
UNFI CanadaLifeAid Canada1627
UNFI CanadaOhh Foods1627
UNFI CanadaOrganic Meadow1527
UNFI CanadaPlanterra Foods (OZO)1527
UNFI CanadaRawcology Inc.1627
UNFI CanadaSavor1527
UNFI Canadaslice of life bread co1627
UNFI CanadaSteaz1627
UNFI CanadaTrace1527
UNFI CanadaURBL1627
UNFI CanadaVision Food Innovations Inc1627
UNFI CanadaYoso1627
United for Herbs & Spices935
Vitality Products Inc.1602
Viva Health Products1428
Wecare Probiotics Co., Ltd1441
Westcoast Naturals1208
Western Grocer Magazine417
Westpoint Naturals Inc.1804


  • 7 Fathoms Skin Care, Ltd.

  • 7 Summits Snacks

  • A

  • A. Lassonde Inc.

  • A.Vogel / Bioforce

  • Acosta Canada Corp/Natural Specialty Sales

  • Advantage Solutions

  • Agency Brand Management

  • Algi

  • Alive Publishing Group Inc.

  • Associated Labels

  • Atlas Brand Management

  • Avacare Health North America Inc.

  • B

  • BCC Foods

  • Big Venture Sales Ltd.

  • Bio-K+ International Inc.

  • Blume

  • Blume Natural Sales and Marketing

  • BM2 Brand Management

  • BNQ Management

  • Boiron Laboratories

  • Boosh Food Inc

  • BrandSeed Marketing Inc.

  • C

  • CAC Natural Foods Inc.

  • Canada Organic Trade Association

  • Canadian Artisan Foods Inc

  • Canadian Choice Wholesalers LP

  • Canadian Seal Products

  • CanPrev Natural Health Products Ltd.

  • Chinova Bioworks Inc.

  • Clef des Champs

  • Colnuck Ltd.

  • Connect Brand Management

  • Comensoli Foods Inc.

  • Cornerstone Sales Ltd.

  • CSN Pharma

  • D

  • Danone

  • Daydream Drinks

  • Debut Products

  • DeeBee's SpecialTea Foods Ltd.

  • D.F. BioResource

  • Distripharm Inc.

  • E

  • Eco-Max

  • ECOCERT Canada

  • Ecoideas

  • EcoTrend Ecologics Ltd

  • Eden Foods Inc

  • Envirowise Products

  • ER Translations

  • Essiac from Canada International

  • Eversio Wellness

  • F

  • Fillab Inc.

  • Flora Manufacturing and Distributing Ltd.

  • Freelance Marketing

  • G

  • GAB Innovations Inc.

  • Game Changer Foods, Inc

  • Garden of Life

  • Genestra Brands

  • \
  • Grainworks Inc.

  • Great Little Box Company

  • Grocery Business

  • Groupe Batteur North America

  • Guru Beverage Inc

  • H

  • Healthy Body Services Inc

  • Heart Smart Foods

  • Herbaland Naturals Inc.

  • Hive Naturals

  • Horizon Grocery + Wellness

  • Howell Data Systems

  • I

  • iLevel Management Inc

  • Indigo Natural Products Management

  • Innotech Nutrition

  • J

  • Jamieson Wellness

  • Jonluca Enterprises Inc

  • K

  • KidStar Nutrients

  • Koops' Mustard

  • L

  • Laboratoires M.S.P. inc

  • Laid Back Snacks

  • LaVigne Natural Skincare

  • LeBeau Excel Ltd.

    • St. Francis Herb Farm Inc.

  • Left Coast Naturals

  • Levitee Nutraceuticals Inc.

  • M

  • M2 Brand Management, Inc.

  • Made with Local

  • Marsham International Food Brokers

  • Mate Libre

  • MNR Distributors Inc

  • MT Consulting

    • Ojas Vegan

    • Origo Foods


  • Natural Assembly Ltd.

  • Natural Farmworks

  • Naturally Homegrown Foods

  • Neumann Marking Solutions

  • New Chapter Canada

  • New Roots Herbal Inc.

  • New World Natural Foods/ Jiva Organics Mfg. & Dist.

  • North Coast Naturals

  • NuStart Marketing Ltd.

  • Nutra Strategic Solutions

  • O

  • Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc

  • Orchard Vale Naturals Inc.

  • Orion Sales and Marketing

  • Orionis Trading Company Limited

  • P

  • Partake Brewing

  • Peak Performance Products Inc.

  • Plantein Canada

  • PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc.

  • Prana

  • Prime Health

  • Pro-Cert Organic Systems LTD.

  • Propel Natural Brands

  • Puresource Inc.

  • Purity Life Health Products LP

  • R

  • Raw Elements Inc.

  • Remedy Drinks Canada

  • Renu Bio Health

  • Riverside Natural Foods Ltd.

  • Rootree Inc.

  • Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods Ltd.

  • S

  • Salud Brand Management

  • Savons PROLAV Inc.

  • Schalk Mühle GmbH

  • Sisu Inc.

  • Sloth Medical INC

  • SLT Foods Inc. (Khazana)

  • So Health Canada (Nutraceutical Solutions)

  • Star Marketing Canada

  • Summit Labels

  • Sunshine Pickles

  • T

  • TAG

  • Tality Kombucha

  • TallGrass

  • Terry Naturally Canada

  • The Lactation Cookie Company

  • The PUR Company

  • The Very Good Food Company

  • TLM Developments Ltd DBA Joy of the Mountains

  • Tony Waters Agencies Inc.

  • Tootsi Impex Inc.

  • Trafa Pharmaceutical INC

  • Tree of Life Canada

  • Tropical Link Canada Ltd.

  • Tru Earth

  • U

  • UNFI Canada

  • United for Herbs & Spices

  • Urban Juve

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  • Vega

  • Viva Health Products

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  • Wellness Natural Inc.

  • Westcoast Naturals

  • Western Grocer