How Psilocybin Mushrooms Can Help Save the World


Paul Stamets
Speaker, Author, Mycologist, Medical Researcher & Entrepreneur

MARCH 31, 2023
7:00–9:00 PM PT


The recent upsurge in interest in psilocybin mushrooms by the scientific community is attributable to their long use in history, their widespread use today, and the number of clinical studies validating psilocybin as a breakthrough medicine. Increasingly popular is microdosing – taking a non-intoxicating dose of psilocybin, especially stacking with Lion’s Mane mycelium and niacin. A special emphasis will be on the efficacy of microdosing, stacking and the mechanisms of action for neurogenesis and neurogeneration.

Moreover, Paul will address not only the benefits, but also frame a discussion around the potential risks. This presentation will be informative for laypeople and professionals, and will include a 30 minute Q & A follow up session with Dr. Pam Kryskow, plus special guest.

Come prepared to have your neurons nourished with information on this exciting, potentially paradigm shifting medicine for helping improve the ecology of consciousness, and for us all to become better Earth Citizens. Indeed, and surprisingly, our collective future may well depend upon psilocybin mushrooms and mycelium.